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About Us 

We work for the rare disease community by creating awareness and also focusing on mental health for better healthcare.

We believe advocacy will surely spread smiles across the miles.


When the world was still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, somewhere in August 2020, Shyamala stumbled upon this idea of "The Rare World".

After a tiring COVID-19 posting, during the home isolation times, it all started with a random Instagram LIVE virtual interview with a rare disease warrior. 

Never even in the wildest of dreams did Shyamala imagine that it would change her purpose of life forever.

"Advocacy did not happen to me, I chose it by all means", she says.

Long story short, today we help the rare by giving our voice.

Our vision is to reach out to as many people as we can, to not the the "Rare" suffer alone.

Read about Shyamala's story here.


We do not give any medical advice, this is purely to create awareness and not an alternative to medical consultation or treatment.

For genuine health issues please consult your doctor right away.

You are clearly responsible for your health.

Also, these are true stories. So please be mindful and empathetic in your expectations.

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