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Love Notes

I accidentally came across Shyamala through an interview guest on my cancer interview podcast. That’s when I learned she has a voice for everybody facing a rare disease, and her's is a much-needed voice because those with rare diseases often have little in the way of support.


Stay here,  you will quickly accept that she is a tireless advocate for anyone diagnosed with a rare disease.

My name is Emmitt Henderson III and I am the CEO of Male Lupus Warriors Corporation.

I had the honor of meeting Shyamala through a friend and with her dedication and passion for the autoimmune and rare diseases community, I know with the work that we do together we can make this world a better place to live in. Thank you Shyamala for all you do and I am looking so forward to working with you.

When we first met Shyamala, she was so excited to have people working with her in rare disease advocacy. We were able to interview her, collaborate with her to share her story and have her speak on our "Rare Disease Day" event.


She is an amazing speaker and has also had many live engaging interviews in her social media. As an advocate, Shyamala is extremely hard-working, paying attention to every detail, spreading positivity, sharing her advocacy with passion to help rare disease patients.

We are so grateful to be a part of her journey in rare disease advocacy. 

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