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Virtual Conference, Global Genes 2020, USA
Government Dental College and Research Institute, Bengaluru. GDC Bangalore
World will remember you dad by Dr Shyamala Peesapati
Watching the virtual conference at Global Genes.
Dr. Shyamala Peesapati at Global Genes.


Welcome, My fellow dreamer!


I dream of a world having better healthcare where people living with rare diseases have better access to healthcare.


I am Dr. Shyamala Peesapati from Namma Ooru Bengaluru. 

I'm hoping you pronounced it the right way. 

It's Shya-ma-la and not Shy-ama-laa or Shaamlaa or whatever you called it. (If at all you mispronounced it) 

I have lived and I'm still living my life wondering about what to do with it. 

Now jokes apart, I was a happy-go girl living my life in some corner of Silicon City Bengaluru, taking the Namma metro train from Bayyapanahalli to KR Market for over 2 years (June 2017 to September 2019) 

After which, something that happened changed my life fully. 

I lost my father, just 10 days before I could graduate from the prestigious Government Dental College and Research Institute, Bengaluru. 

No, don't hope that it was not true. It is. 

That shook my world and turned it completely upside down. 

A bit of flashback now: my father was diagnosed with a rare disease, Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis, around my 21st birthday, 23rd of April 2017. I have always been proud of his journey and super amazed by his strength. 

Daddie merged with God in September 2019 and ever since then with that burning desire in me to stand up for the rare and raise my voice, I started an Instagram page accidentally in 2020. 


In 2021 I have also written a book dedicated to other rare disease warriors across the world sharing my true journey. It is a very personal and true story. My book was launched under Evincepub Publications on 23rd April 2021 on my 25th birthday.

Here you go,


Get it on Amazon Kindle 

Publisher website 

Send some love from USA! 

If you are from the United Kingdom (UK), then this link is for you! 

Note: My book is available across the world,

please let me know if you are unable to get the book. 

From posts to Instagram lives to YouTube to Writing a book to now taking things professionally I have come a long way. 

I'm sure with your help I can reach out to many other people. 

Help me make their lives better. 

I'm sure you can. 

If not you, then who? 

If not now, then when? 

Trust me in my journey for reaching out to the rare disease community.

I shall never leave you disappointed. 

Don't let me suffer in this alone. 

Let us face it together. 

If this has created that spirit of helping others even a bit, even that tiniest fraction of empathy in you, please don't hesitate to write to me.

I really can't wait to hear from you. 

Also, read out my full story towards diagnosis here


Please don't hesitate to write to me if you choose to support me in my journey.

If you have read this far, here are my big hugs to you!

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