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Rare Projects

Yaayyyy! If you have clicked here, I understand that you are really excited about helping us.

So here you go!

These are three rare projects for you.
Go ahead and start off with wherever you fit in.
All three projects are open for you, just saying!
Oh by the way, here are our big hugs to you again!


1 hashtag for the rare

Welcome to the world of social media.

This September, help us in creating awareness about

New Born Screening. Take a picture like this and use the hashtag #therareworldofficial #therareworldofficialseptember on your Instagram


Follow us on our Instagram here for daily updates.

Let's use the power of the hashtags to create awareness

the digital way!

This is Our Instagram link for the latest awareness post.

Raising awareness for narcolepsy

10 minutes for the rare

Watch our Latest Youtube Video here fully!

Your 10 minutes of watch time can make wonders.

Then, give yourself a pat on your back!

5 into the family

Cheers to the avid readers. Here you go!

Read our latest blog post here, and share them with 5 of your friends. Help us in  adding 5 of your friends to our family. We promise, you really cannot miss out on the information that we have to offer to you!

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