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10 Simple And Effective Ways How You Can Be Happy Today!

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

India is in 136th place in the United Nations World Happiness Report 2022.

Definitely, not something that we're proud of.

Of course, we have made certain progress in the last 2 years when it comes to happiness.

We have gotten better at knowing how we can be happy.

Still, we have a long way to go.

You wouldn't believe me when I say this.

This is according to a study by a research expert covering India.

Relationships and family are the greatest sources of our happiness.

Indians look for happiness in their spouses, families, and their health!

We invest in relationships and value them.

But somehow we forget that happiness also lies within us.

Happiness is a choice. It's our primary responsibility.

In this blog post, we will read about

  1. Why is being happy important?

  2. 10 simple and effective ways how you can find happiness?

  3. Conclusion.

Why is being happy important?

Happiness resonates at a higher frequency, similar to love, and way far from fear.

Being happy can help you,

  • Reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

  • Makes you feel lighter.

  • Keeps your health in place. It lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

  • Builds a stronger immune system.

  • Being happy promotes a healthy lifestyle.

This article can give you more reasons why you should be happy right now!

What are 10 simple and effective ways you can find happiness?

1) Have a morning routine.

Having an organized morning routine means less confusion.

Isn’t it nice if you decide your plan for the day the night before you sleep?

Tell me, isn’t it less messy if you decide on the clothes that you wear the previous night?

Less confusion, less chaos, and more peace.

A typical healthy morning routine essentially consists of these.

  • No checking the phone as soon as you get off bed.

Trust me, this will save you so much time. You wouldn’t be wasting time scrolling through the reels on Instagram.

Gives you less scope for comparing your life too!

  • Meditation.

Helps you with having a better focus.

Increases peace!

Helps you see through your mind’s eye.

  • Exercise. Why don’t you say hi to the morning sun?

Trust me this isn’t a bad idea at all. Exercising increases the happy hormones, endorphins, and other brain chemicals.

This keeps you happy!

Start small, even brick walking for 20 minutes a day can keep you fit!

  • Gratitude journal.

Remember, our life is someone else’s dream.

Start a gratitude journal. We always end up having more when we feel grateful for what we have.

It’s gratitude that decides your altitude.

Read this to know about how you can be happy every day

2) Declutter.

Nah Nah Nah! Clean those sheets and make your bed.

Let your room and space be clean and organized.

It has a direct impact on your mind!

  • Make your bed.

  • Organize your table.

  • Replace or discard those that don't serve you, old clothes, those cardboard boxes, and pens that don’t write. Discard them right away!

  • By the way, declutter your phone and delete those unwanted pictures or files. Uninstall those apps that you don’t use too. Trust me, this makes space for better things to come.

3) Help a stranger.

Now, you need not have all the kindness in the world to do this.

It can be little things like this,

  • Help someone cross the road, it makes you feel good.

  • How could I even forget the digital helping part? Rate your favorite artist on Spotify. It just feels nice.

  • Go to Quora and answer someone’s question if you can help them.

Never underestimate those little things. They sometimes hold a huge place in our hearts.

Did you know that finding reasons to be happy can benefit your future too?

Click here to know more.

4) Speak to an old friend.

We are all busy! Chasing our life’s goals and ambitions.

We don’t even remember the last time we spoke to our best friend.

We have replaced calls with text messages.

Touch your heart and tell me, my dear friend!

When was the last time you spoke to that old lost forgotten friend?

When was the last time you spoke to your mom on call?

When was the last time you played with your pet?

Trust me, Do that today.

Speak to your people. Meet them in person if possible.

It gives you the necessary boost that you’re looking for.

Remember, it’s not always the emotional validation that we look for.

But, it’s the moral support too!

5) Eat healthy food.

Be mindful of what you feed your body with.

You consume too much sugar, salted chips, and deep-fried food just because you aren’t fine.

You get addicted to drugs or even tobacco because it makes you feel better!

Still, nothing can replace the importance of having a healthy meal.

Consume greens, fruits, and nuts.

Consulting a dietitian for your health needs is not a bad idea.

Eating healthy can help you,

  • Lower the risk of lifestyle diseases.

  • Helps the digestive system function better.

  • May help you live longer.

Read this article to know about other benefits of eating healthy.

6) Pamper yourself.

It’s time to take care of your body and give the love your body wants.

Go to that body spa.

Go to that beauty salon. Give yourself a new haircut.

Buy clothes for yourself.

Go on a solo trip.

Do more of what you love. Life’s too short to spend on regrets.

Live like there’s no tomorrow.

For more help, here is an article for you!

7) Click more photographs.

You never look exactly the same ever again. Have loads of fun.

Capture the beauty of this present moment.

Get ready, even if there’s no occasion.

Travel the world to the best of your abilities and make enough memories.

Capture the little things, the food you eat, the nail polish you wear,

your lipstick shade, and your boxers too!

It’s just the little things in life.

Try to click more photographs and don’t blame me if you feel better instantly.

8) Travel.

Travel. Make new memories.

No, I’m not beating around the bush.

  • When you travel you meet new people, which helps in building better connections.

  • You learn so much about yourself.

  • You tend to respect different cultures and traditions.

  • It boosts your creativity.

You need to essentially travel the entire world.

Always remember to start small.

From beaches to trekking to swimming.

Remember the world has a lot to offer only if you are willing to take it.

9) Do something that you love.

How about the Zumba dance?

What about skating?

Remember you used to love it!

Just because life is unfair to you,

does that mean you should give up on things you once loved?

Oh, wait! I forgot about the painting that you loved too.

I knew that you were great at designing.

Yes, do something that you love today!

It can help you in ways that you can’t even imagine.

Pinky Promise! :)

Check this article on how to create better habits.

10) Just do nothing at all.

Train your mind to do nothing. Just sit and do nothing.

I’m sure you will end up doing something.

The human mind cannot process the negatives.

Still, just try to do nothing.

Feel this moment. Be in the present.

In this way, you learn to appreciate the power of now..!!

This moment is all that you have.

Bonus Tip.

Going back to how we began this blog post. Not just having a morning routine. Have a bedtime routine too.

  • Get adequate sleep.

  • Minimize screen time before going to bed.

  • Be grateful for having a better day!

This helps. Don’t second guess it.


Make happiness your priority. For once, make yourself a priority.

I’m sure your life will change.

Somewhere in trying to win the rat race of our lives, we have forgotten to be happy.

If you are nodding your head,

If you feel that you have forgotten what it is like to be happy,

Do 1 of these 10 points that I told you about.

You can thank me later 🙂

Don’t forget to share this blog post with someone whom you care about.

Give them a chance to be happy too!

If nothing in what I said resonated with you, open your memory box!

On a starry night, somewhere on your terrace or the balcony,

Sipping your favorite coffee,

Close your eyes and think about the best days.

Those best memories of your life.

I’m sure at least that will make you happy.

Remember, I want you to forget your worries and smile too!

Smile! 🙂


Dr. Shyamala Peesapati.

Founder: The Rare World Official.

Read about

The author is a rare disease advocate, a dentist by profession, and a blogger at heart.

She also has a hand in psychology. She's aiming to bring about a change in the rare diseases community, one blog post at a time.

Don’t forget to share this blog post with someone you love.

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