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7 Easy Ways How You Can Take Care Of Your Aging Old Parents.

Does not acceptance make the world a better place?

There was a survey conducted in China in December 2020.

It stated the responses of senior citizens as they approached old age.

Surprisingly, 46% of females and 48% of males approached old age with acceptance.

10% of females and 15% of males felt optimistic about it too.

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Aging is approached with so much positivity. Should something stop us from caring for our parents?

"There is a child in every father. I am glad to have seen him".
Dr. Shyamala Peesapati.

In this blog post, you will read about

  1. Introduction to aging.

  2. 7 simple and effective ways how you can take care of your old parents.

  3. 3 phrases every child can repeatedly use to make a difference.

  4. Conclusion.

Aging is inevitable. One can only grow older with time.

Age is something that goes up to never come down. We grow older and get busier in our lives. Sometimes we forget that our parents are getting older too.

Parents generally want their children to be happy. They do not expect anything from their children. Is it not the children’s responsibility to take care of their parents?

No child in this world would want to see their parents cribbing for money. To say the least, to buy their medicines after retirement.

Isn’t it?

Today’s world of the internet and technology has only made our lives easier.

It’s not always possible for us to be with our parents. Thanks to technology, there are some healthy alternatives to it too.

Here are 7 simple and effective ways you can take care of your aging parents.

1) Check the level of dependency.

Not all parents need help at the same level.

Sometimes parents want help only with their food and medications.

At times, parents might be really feeble and need more help.

Be there for your parents and help them as much as you can. You need to learn real-time management skills. Balance your work life too.

Getting your relatives to your place who can keep your parents engaged is brilliant. Use technology to the best of your abilities. Be there for your parents. Know exactly where they need your help.

Encourage your parents to go to social gatherings.

Make them comfortable so they can tell you where they need help.

Get a dietitian to set the diet plan for your parents.

Here are 8 key areas where your parents might need help.

Click here to read more.

Hiring a caretaker only if you are unable to take up all the responsibilities can be the last option.

2) Finances should be taken care of.

Double-check this meticulously. Parents might not ask for help in this regard.

Make sure to understand that and be there for them.

Get their health insurance in place.

Know the financial responsibilities and plan that much in advance.

Check if there are senior citizen schemes with your local government body. Make sure you get help from every possible source for your parents.

Check this to know about the public sector benefits that your parents can avail.

From your monthly savings, dedicate a small portion to your parents.

This is with gratitude for all that they have done for us!

3) Get to know their health concerns.

No! Not just taking them for regular check-ups. That’s just not everything that you can do. There is so much more.

Make sure you keep all their medical reports carefully in a file.

Always keep a soft copy backup in your email.

Update this file regularly.

Get to know their meal plan. Get a customized meal plan done for them.

Make sure you provide them with enough protective wear. Be it the slippers for diabetics, or the hot water bags for their knee pains. It can even be a small box to keep their dentures or a new pair of spectacles too. Do it.

Ask them what they want.

Many times, they might not even be aware of these. Have that bigger heart.

You give them what they want without them asking you for it.

Not every parent generally asks!

4) Access to home can be simplified!

  • Make sure that you have your house preferably on the ground floor.

  • Not every apartment has a lift. Not always does the lift work.

  • Have a ramp facility arranged. It can be easier for those in wheelchairs.

  • Make sure you have a small clinic with a doctor and a nearby medical store.

  • Make the pharmacist your friend! Introduce your parents to the pharmacist and the clinic doctor. Make frequent visits. Book online health appointments for your parents.

  • It would always be an added advantage if your house is easily commutable. Meaning there are major landmarks or bus-stops nearby. Parents tend to remember the landmarks better than the actual route.

  • Fire stations, police stations, and ambulance services must preferably be available nearby.

  • Install safety modifications in your home.

Install night lights, grab bars, and railings. Removing clutter can make a world of a difference.

Consider removing rugs, installing a ramp, and getting a shower chair. This ensures that your parents are safer in the home.

This blog post can tell you about understanding the needs of parents.

5) Lead by example.

Aging parents might not always be on the same page as you. They may be slow in following what you have to say.

What's more inspiring than seeing someone close by working on the same too?

Do you want them to go for a walk?

No, don't remind them to. Instead, you go for a walk yourself.

Do you want them to eat on time?

You eat with them too. Share the same food if possible.

Lead by example. It's motivating to see close ones do something for the better. It's contagious too.

Do you want them to exercise at home? Or do some yoga? You do it yourself too. That's a cumulative effect!

But remember, their pace might be slower than what you expect.

Give them the time and space to pursue it.

Remember to match their pace with you.

Slow down for a while. Lead by example and see massive changes in their lifestyle and health!

This method rarely fails!

Read this to know 7 tips on caring for your elderly parents.

6) Be there for them!

Call them often. Make alternative arrangements if you're not with them.

Going out of town? Make sure that there's someone else taking over for you!

Keep in touch with your parents, as much as possible!

Go for small trips every month. Include them in all that you do.

Celebrate their smaller achievements and give them rewards.

Above all, there is a precious gift that you can always give. You can always give your time! So, be willing to listen.

Don't get annoyed if your older parents repeat certain things!

Listening to understand and not to reply is one of the highest forms of respect.

7) Teach them technology. Be patient.

They need not learn in and out of technology. Still, teach them digital modes of payment (Gpay), and share their live location.

Teach them how to make a video call. They would be on cloud nine to connect with their long-lost and forgotten friends.

  • Install healthcare apps.

  • Want to follow a customized diet plan given by the doctor?

  • Install apps that will keep a measure of the calories too.

  • Apps like Inner hour for mental health.

  • Practo to book instant doctor appointments.

  • Pedometer to keep a measure of step counts taken every day

Always teach them how to use technology for maximum benefit!

Your parents are enjoying their second childhood.

Give them their childhood back.

3 phrases that every child can repeatedly use to make a difference.

  • I would love to help you. Please feel free to ask if you need help.

  • Thanks for making my childhood so beautiful. I'm so grateful to you both, mom and dad!

  • I have the world's best parents!


These are just simple ways you can take care of your parents. We understand, in today's world, we get busier in chasing our dreams.

We forget that the slightest acts of kindness and love are all that parents need.

No need to get expensive stuff.

It's only love that matters.

Only love is real!

Give your aging parents a happy second childhood.


How can chronic illness or old age or aging affect mental health?

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