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1 Strong Reason Why I Started Blogging By Honouring My Rare Loving Father.

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

“There is a child in every father who must be cared for with tons of love.

I am glad to have seen him!”.

Dr. Shyamala Peesapati.


I have started this blog to ensure that you will be remembered, long after you are gone.

To ensure that the world remembers you as a brave rare disease warrior who lived his life to the fullest.

You have spread immense positivity in the days you were on this beautiful blue planet.

Yes, today I feel grateful for that deadly demon.

Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis, a rare disease that you were blessed with.

Let me tell it the other way round.

In fact, God has chosen you among several others whom he could.

For the stories that would come once you leave,

And the changes that would follow after I grieve,

Maybe, that Almighty always had a clue,

Which is why he had chosen none but you!

Dad, I always feel that the Almighty has blessed you with a rare disease.

Now, this is definitely not the same old daughter whom you had seen 3 years ago.

I have changed, Trust me when I say this.

Now, I will continue your legacy.

If your pain can make others put others' suffering to ease,

If your questions are left for the rest of the world to answer.

If your goodness is remembered even after centuries pass by,

That my dear dad, like you already told me, is a life worth living.

What is my commitment?

Today, I commit to this cause, regardless of what my choices be like in the future,

Regardless of how busy I get with the passing of time.

I commit myself to this blog.

This blog is your life.

I am feeding your life with my words hoping it would keep you alive.

Keep you alive in a far-off land.

I am now choosing the road less traveled by.

Some days might be challenging and a few more hopeless,

But beauty is all about balancing,

With the center of resistance at my focus!

I will start today to march towards my dreams.

Why do I write?

To my audience:

I write,

Not to impress you, nor be impressed by you.

I write not to inspire you, nor be inspired by you!

I write because every sorrow deserves a sonnet.

Every pain deserves a poem.

And every moment deserves a masterpiece.

This blog is going to be a masterpiece of my father’s life’s literature.

I simply write to leave a legacy!

What do I wish to see sincerely?

Let those looks of pity that people gifted us with,

Find a solution.

May those looks be replaced with words of praise for this education.

May those days where you have questioned your existence,

Find the meaning today, for suffering ends when meaning begins!

Let my soul that kept yelling and cursing that Almighty asking

“Why only my dad?” find one, at least one reason to be at peace now!

Let your life be a source of inspiration for at least one!

I am hoping that your story is powerful enough to break the geographical barriers!

I will not rest my life in the lap of the Almighty until I see a change.

A change worth enduring the pain that you went through.

Now, with all the promises said, I will lastly only utter,

I will not give up!

I know the journey is tough, but trust me when I say this,

your rare daughter will never give up!

Even, if it comes at the cost of being laughed at by our close relatives.

Even, if it comes at the cost of being bad-mouthed by our dearest!

What do I want you to do now dad?


Look at me now from heaven above,

Sing your songs of happiness then and now.

I will leave you proud.

Get ready to celebrate this success from heaven above dad!

Tell this to your Angels above Dad!

Mark this date, September 2nd, 2022 on your calendar right away!

To those loving audience who support me in my journey,

please accept my heartfelt gratitude!

Here are my big hugs to you!

Please share this post with someone you truly care for,

It might break their limiting beliefs too!


Dr. Shyamala Peesapati.

14 commenti

It's very nice content, I can relate to myself this, finally ur on the way of achieving ur dreams,,, keep this pace and inspire us too,,,

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Thanks a lot for your support! It means the world to me.

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d9 c
d9 c
03 set 2022

Nice 👍

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Thanks a lot kindergarten bestie!

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All love to u❤️

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Your support means the world to me! :)

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Shri BOB
Shri BOB
03 set 2022

Very well written 👍

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Thank you so much!

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You’re amazing and you have written well. Your father must be looking down from heaven with proud eyes. All my love ❤️

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Thanks a lot Oyin. Your support means the world to me dear! :)

Mi piace
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