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10 Greatest Insults Content Creators Face And My Super Easy Solutions.

Updated: Dec 10, 2022


This blog post is written in an informal language.

You may feel that some statements are highly opinionated.

However, I would still like to say this. These are my personal experiences.

Definitely, not targeted against anyone.

If you’re a content creator, stay with me.

You will surely find some insults that resonate with you.

Content creation is a creative task. This is something that people who do not want to follow a beaten path choose.

There is so much hype on the internet regarding content creation. This blog post will take you through all of that.

In this blog post, you will know about,

  1. What is content creation?

  2. What are the different styles of content creation?

  3. Why does one choose to become a content creator?

  4. 10 greatest insults that content creators face.

  5. Conclusion.

What is content creation?

Content creation simply means creating content, preferably in a digital format. Content can be a piece of literature, poetry, art, a video, or an audio file.

Your content is something that you originally write or create. Not merely copy and paste from the Internet.

The core idea or content should be entirely yours.

In this world of people who merely copy and paste content from the internet. Be someone who creates something unique.

Note: Recreating content is still possible but in your style.

There’s still a difference between recreating and copying.

What are the different styles of content creation?

  • Literature.

This is for people who love to write. It can be poetry, a story, or a novel.

It can be a blog post, song lyrics, or simple quotes.

  • Video.

If you love cameras and enjoy talking to your audience, videos are the greatest tool you have. Whatever you want to convey, let that be in a video format.

Let me tell you something, videos are still a great way, if you are shy to face the camera.

You can make a cooking video, a travel video, or a poetry video.

To say the least, daily vlogs and even roasting videos are trending on YouTube these days.

The sky is the limit.

  • Podcasting.

This is an audio file. Even if you do not have a great voice, try this.

This industry is still emerging and trying this wouldn’t leave you with regrets.

The time spent on podcasting is way less than on videos.

  • Art.

This needs no special mention.

From sketches to paints.

Handmade crafts, this industry has a lot to offer.

I would rather simply say that this industry is never-ending.

The different styles of painting, art, jewelry designing to knitting.

Art has always remained the greatest form of expression since time immemorial.

Expression, the willingness to express what and how you feel is a blessing.

Not many have that gift.

Never let anyone shame you for it.

In the process of mentioning this, I would have forgotten other forms of art.

Understand that it is purely unintentional.

Why does one choose to become a content creator?

What are10 greatest insults that content creators face?

1) No job? Is this even a job?

I’m sure that you have heard this statement at least from that one person in your life.

If you are still contemplating whether you heard or not, let me break your bubble.

You heard it!

People assume that content creation is not a job. Indeed, it’s one of the toughest jobs to be in.

Just because there’s no 9-5 here, doesn’t mean that we don’t work.

If you’re a content creator too, you know that we end up working long hours and late nights. Editing videos, blog posts, recording podcasts, and audio files. We only hope that we don’t disturb anyone.

Creativity hits its peak in silence and especially when we are alone. We love solitude.

Never convince yourself that you’re doing no good.

This is one golden profession where you never really know who’s being impacted by what you do. You are touching lives whom you never know!

Pat yourself on your back!

2) How much do you earn? What's the use if it doesn't earn you a meal today?

Understand and be fair enough in your expectations. Earning through content creation takes time. It can be crossing that 4000 watch hours on YouTube or getting 10000+ blog views for your website.

It takes time.

Be mentally prepared and convince yourself that great things take time.

Wait for that one moment of your life when you start reaping the benefits of what you sow today.

Remember the days when you were working in silence without expecting anything?

These are the days when you’re building yourself.

Don’t give up so soon yet.

3) What did you study? And what are you doing with your life?

Sometimes, it’s normal to figure out what you want to do with your life much later on.

It’s okay to start content creation at 40,50 or even 60!

Remember there are no time frames in life.

Break the stereotype.

It’s still okay to be confused. Clarity comes in after the storm.

There’s always hope.

It’s still okay if what you study doesn’t align with your profession today.

The world always needs ‘extraordinary’ people.

4) Whom does it really help? What's the point in doing all of these?

Remember your main reason for content creation begins with helping yourself.

90+ percent of content creators start their journey because they need an escape. To help them heal. Creating content, painting a picture, and writing down how you feel are therapeutic.

Start with an intention to help yourself. Trust me, the world will follow you!

Someday, you never really know, if your content helps someone.

With the advent of the internet, ask yourself this. How difficult it is to break the geographical barriers?

Your dreams do come true. It is all going to happen today.

5) Oh! You don't work for a company, Is it?

Working for a company is not a necessity. One can make money through multiple streams.

It's high time we stop assessing a person's skill set only based on what company they worked for.

It surprises me how people respect one another based on their employment status.

It is also the criteria to consider. No doubt about that.

But, please be aware that it's not the only criterion to consider.

Content creators don't work for companies. They have their own company.

They can be their boss!

Stop looking down upon people who don't work for companies!

6) What? Permanent work from home?

Post-COVID, working from home has become normal. People start believing in it.

However, content creators are sometimes asked this question.

Content creators travel too, not to the office every day.

But, to make travel vlogs :)

Normalize working from home.

7) What do you do with your 24 hours?

Next time before asking this question to any content creator, remember this.

Content creators are lone wolves who believe in the beauty of their dreams initially.

I believe content creators are occupied with their work 24/7.

When building a business, they are the designers, writers, managers, virtual assistants, etc.

They work alone till they achieve their initial levels of desired success.

So, take them not for granted.

Ask them not this question!

8) What? There's only you in your company?

This is self-explanatory. As mentioned above, content creators are lone wolves.

If you cannot help them or appreciate them, that's fine.

Don't underestimate them.

To hire someone and to pay them, allow them to make enough money first.

To the content creator reading this, I would only say, "Have faith and move on!".

9) Do you call yourself an entrepreneur?

I wish I could count how many times one gets asked this question.

Stop giving that label of "entrepreneur" to the rich.

Being able to make your own money without working for someone.

Doing what you love.

When you have time and location freedom is what makes you an entrepreneur.

It's not a fancy thing.

Even mediocre people can become entrepreneurs.

Mediocre people become better entrepreneurs. They see the realities of life way better!

Becoming an entrepreneur is not wearing a crown that someone gives you.

It's about making your crown!

10) Stop all these! Go and get a life.

No! I exactly know how you feel.

Just don't give up yet!

Practice daily affirmations. Only the best can come to you!

You need to work together for years to even start seeing the beginnings of money.

Hold yourself.

Remember to feed your choice with your sweat and blood.

You're the only person responsible for your choice and dreams.

Don't give in to what people say yet!

Just don't.

Hold your head high and walk with pride.

The best is only yet to come!

Especially if you're not happy, then this is not the end.

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To the content creator who is reading this, I know something resonated with you.

You may not agree with everything. I understand. Still, you need to agree with this that you are enough.

Especially during the initial days when you're still struggling to fit in. While you are still understanding the whole process of your business, you are enough.

Don't strive too hard for clarity or to understand everything in the beginning.

Keep going and you will eventually see the mess being cleared too!

Your vision becomes clear too.

To someone who encourages content creators, thanks for being there always.

To the rest of the crowd, you owe nothing to the content creator but respect.

I repeat, respect!


Shyamala :)

Founder: The Rare World Official.

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The author is a dentist by qualification. At blogging lies her heart.

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